Boeing Employees Tennis Club hosts many USTA teams, operating as a home club for Men's, Women's, Mixed, and Senior USTA teams. The amount of teams BETC is able to sponsor may be limited by court availability. USTA teams sponsored by BETC must maintain a member/guest ratio of at least 4/1 (80% of the roster must be BETC members.) Guests and members, please view the price chart below to see fees for USTA matches at BETC.

For more information on USTA teams and leagues, please contact Lawson Mansfield.

USTA Resources
For information about the different types of USTA Leagues please visit the USTA / Play-As-A-Member website.

The 2018-2019 NW WA Schedule has been released.

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USTA/Cups Tennis Court Fees

  Each Member on BETC Team Each Guest on BETC Team Each Guest on Visiting Team
Cups: Emerald, Classic, Rainier, Challenge, KingCo* 4.50 n/a 15.00
USTA 5 Courts 1 1/2 hours** 5.50 15.00 15.00
* Includes 30 minute warm-up court when available
**Includes 30 minute warm-up court and 30 minute overflow court when available.
Defaults: To avoid the applicable court fee, match courts must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.