Leagues Offered and Coordinators - Fall 2018

During a sign-up period, for leagues which are held before 3:30 PM, sign-ups begin at 9:00 AM. For leagues which are held at or after 3:30 PM, sign-ups begin at 3:00 PM. Sign-up sheets are available based on the day a league plays. For example, for Monday leagues, sign-ups are posted on Monday at the times mentioned above. For Tuesday leagues, the sign-ups first become available on Tuesday. Members may either phone in to sign-up or sign-up in person. When signing up, fill out the sign-up sheet completely since partial information may preclude you from participation.
Check current ratings here:
Club Ratings (PDF)
Club Ratings (Excel, Sortable)

Only club ratings will be used for leagues that require ratings. If you had only a USTA rating as of January 2014 and no club rating, your USTA rating became your new club rating for league purposes. If you had only a USTA self rating, you will need to obtain a club rating to be eligible for leagues that require a rating. If you have a club rating that is different from a USTA rating, the club rating will be the rating that is used to determine league eligibility.

Members who need a club rating should sign-up for a monthly social, an adult group class, or schedule a private lesson with a BETC pro. Just let the head pro at the social know that you would like a club rating.

Reviews on club ratings can be requested by a member for himself/herself or by a member for another person. The review process will be performed by at least 2 club pros and scores or other data may be requested from league coordinators. The Club's Head Pro or appointee will communicate the results of the review to staff to update the records. The link to a Club Rating Review form is listed below. If you have any questions regarding programs offered at BETC, please contact Lawson Mansfield at 253-872-5545 ext 24 or by email.

League Rules and Processes
To view detailed information about leagues choose any of the following pdf files:
Club Rating Review Form
General League Rules
League Selection Process